7 meditationer/ at tage et personligt retræte

Lama / underviser Diane Berger 
Dato og tidspunkt Lørdag, den 21. april 2018 - Søndag, den 22. april 2018 
kl. 10.00 - 16.00
Kort beskrivelse 21/4: A Day of 7 Meditations with Diane Berger 22/4: How to Create a Personal Retreat
Yderligere beskrivelse
21/4: A Day of 7 Meditations with Diane Berger Join us for the refreshment of meditation as put forth in The Relaxed Mind by Tibetan lama Kilung Rinpoche. Diane will present this progressive series of seven meditations, including guided sessions throughout the day. ​ 22/4 After Long Retreat, A Talk What is it like to withdraw from society for years? Why make this rather extreme journey? What is required? What does one find? Diane Berger will give a talk about her two solo retreats, iconic in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. But she found that some creativity was required to make it work in the Western context. Under the guidance of her teacher, Kilung Rinpoche, Diane completed her second retreat in 2016, and is now enjoying sharing this story, and the Buddhadharma with others. How to Create a Personal Retreat Diane Berger will seed ideas about how to set up a personal retreat. This session is not aimed at the long, traditional Tibetan Buddhist three-year variety, but for short-term retreats with which to enhance your Buddhist practice. Perhaps it’s to carve away some quiet meditation time in a busy life; or to accomplish a specific practice; or to create a cycle of retreat as a life-changing element—we will explore a variety of ways to open the door to your own retreat. Biography: ​Diane Berger began practicing Tibetan Buddhism in 1989, receiving teachings and empowerments from many of the great lamas of our time. In 1997 she brought Dza Kilung Rinpoche from Asia to the West, where together they began the Kilung Foundation and Pema Kilaya Sangha in Seattle. After 15 years working closely and studying with Kilung Rinpoche, she embarked on traditional solo retreat, completing four and a half years. She now teaches meditation and Buddhism in Seattle.
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