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Nearness to Oneself - Openness to the World – A Unity in Duality approach

Dato og tidspunkt Lørdag, den 20. oktober 2018 - Søndag, den 21. oktober 2018 
kl. 9:30 - 5:00
Kort beskrivelse In the Indo-Tibetan tradition for attaining love and compassion it is paramount to know oneself by means of re-entering one’s deeper nature in order to connect with a deeper nature of the other and of the world at large – the vision we have of the other depending on the relationship we establish with ourselves.
Yderligere beskrivelse
In everyday life ‘Nearness to Oneself and Openness to the World’ is related to the ability of being near to oneself, in the sense of being well grounded in ordinary or deeper body-sense & being open to others in the meaning of diminishing barriers, going beyond preconceived ideas and expectations - particularly in regard gratification of needs to uphold one’s own identity. Being near and open therefore effectuates a genuinely grounded, harmonious and mindful relation with the world with decreased projections and inner space for experiencing and relating to that, which appears. Further, beyond ordinary body, thoughts, language and emotions there exists a level of being which implies a strong existential feeling without needing others’ support. Thus established in this deeper natural state of being affords the necessary space, empathetic feeling, insight and altruistic action relating to the beginning stage of spiritual love and compassion. In the seminar different ways of getting near to ourselves in a deeper and more natural way will be introduced and practiced by means of meditative practices, developming body-, mind- and ‘energy’-levels of feeling selves and others, giving way to creative and deeply interactive togetherness in the world. In the weekend we will also present the, for the Buddhist theory and practice, underlying paradigm of interrelated nature extracted by Tarab Tulku Rinpoche in regard ‘subject’-‘object’, ‘body’-‘mind and ‘energy’-‘matter’, which is also the basic paradigm for the UD Training of “Applied Philosophy” starting May 15th, Strandgaarden (under Gomde), Djursland. See the website Tarab Institute Internatonal: www.tarab-institute-org Teacher: Lene Handberg, Denmark, Studied Psychology and Tibetan at Copenhagen University, where she met Tarab Rinpoche, who, after they had developed together the "UD Inner-science of Mind and Phenomena, Personal Development, Art-of-Relating and Psychotherapeutic Application" Program, granted her the degree “Semrig Thablam Rabjam” in UD. Tarab Tulku Rinpoche appointed Lene Handberg as his successor prior to his untimely passing in 2004. She is teaching the Unity in Duality Program in Europe, presently in France, Germany, Holland, Slovakia and India. Place: Phendeling – Center for Tibetansk Buddhisme, Nørregade 7B,, 1165 København K, Danmark Teaching & practice hours: Saturday, October the 20th at 9.30am – 6pm & Sunday, 21st at 9.30am – 5pm Language: English Course fee: DKK 800 DKr (700 DKr students/unemployed/persons on pension) Cancellation: Cancellation possible until 2 weeks before course start with fully refunded course-fee Registration: Please pay course fee to, Tarab Instituttet, Danmark Danske Bank, Registration no 1551, account no 12450133; Swifft-Bic: DABADKKK; Iban: DK7030000012450133 Contact information: Please send confirmation to Morten Rolighed Jensen, phone: +45 28140406, Email:; Further: and
Arrangør Tarab Institute Denmark
Sted Phendeling Center for Tibetansk Buddhisme 
Postnummer og by: 1165 København K
Region: Hovedstaden
Kontaktperson Morten Rolighed Jensen 28140406
Entre DKK 800 DKr (700 DKr students/unemployed/persons on pension)Danske Bank, Registration no 1551, account no 12450133. Tarab Instituttet, DK
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